Congratulations to our 2023 3rd Quarter Coin Winners!

Author: ACTenviro
Date: November 3, 2023

Please help us congratulate the following ACTenviro team members who were recognized in the third quarter of 2023!

Our coins are presented for model performance, safety culture, and/or positive representation of ACTenviro—specifically for going above-and-beyond the expectations of our culture.

Operations Coin: Charles Daniels (Texas)—"Charles has gone above and beyond to help make sure loads are done and done properly. He rolls with the ever-changing plans when disposal facilities shut down on us last minute and he has to reroute and change his schedule. He has taken on the task to train any fellow employees that join our team.” –Chris Eddings

Operations Coin: Carlos Perez (Santa Fe Springs, CA)—“We presented Carlos Perez with a gold coin for his outstanding customer service and dedication to ACTenviro over the last two years. Carlos is a Project Manager for the Santa Fe Springs Branch and oversees multiple projects including emergency response and confined space. He is always willing to help the branch and has established himself as a leader with the LA Team.” –Bill Coleman

Operations Coin: Jody Schoenfeld (Santa Fe Springs, CA)

Operations Coin: Angel Baltazar (Santa Fe Springs, CA)

Operations Coin: Tua Lino (Dixon, CA)

Operations Coin: Devin Kilmer (Dixon, CA)

Operations Coin: Lauro Inzunza (Dixon, CA)

Operations Coin: Luis Montoya (Dixon, CA)

Operations Coin: Darien Lemmons (Dixon, CA)

Operations Coin: Gabriel Flores (Dixon, CA)

Operations Coin: Alex Fuentes (Dixon, CA)

Operations Coin: Joel Chambers (Dixon, CA)

Operations Coin: Nick Creviston (Dixon, CA

Operations Coin: Nichole Torres (San Jose, CA)

Operations Coin: Will Gonzalez (San Jose, CA)

Operations Coin: Charlie Ly (San Jose, CA)

Operations Coin: Jose Dominguez (San Jose, CA) 

Operations Coin: Marcos Mendez (Denver, CO)

Operations Coin: Nehemiah Vigil  (Denver, CO)

Operations Coin: Cody Abbs (Oregon)

Operations Coin: Andrew Jansma (Oregon)

Operations Coins: Roberto Hernandez (Laveen, AZ)

Operations Coin: Alex Guerrero (Merced, CA)—“Presented to him by Bruce Wescott (RSM) for his positive impact that he has had on one of our largest customers. He has strengthened our relationship with the company’s primary contact and found new revenue streams that both benefitted the customer and our company as well.” –Henry DeSousa

Operations Coin: Eduardo Macias (Merced, CA)—“As a newer ACTenviro employee, Eduardo has jumped right into the thick of things. He successfully managed a very highly publicized local project that could have resulted in huge environmental impact had we not handled this job properly. This was a multi-phase project that took a few weeks to complete. The entire time we had the news media trying to sneak in to get photos, drones flying overhead trying to record, county officials, along with all law enforcement agencies including the FBI. We looked professional the entire time and made everyone happy by doing a great job in a timely & safe manner.” -Henry DeSousa

Operations Coin: John Ratley (Merced, CA)—“For coming in on the weekend with his personal tractor to help backfill holes that had been created during the rainy season.” -Henry DeSousa

Operations Coin: Johnnie Chavez (Merced, CA)—“Volunteering to do an overnight HHW in Chester, CA for Sacramento on a weekend.” -Henry DeSousa

Operations Coin: Anthony Ramirez (Merced, CA)—“Drivers coming the front gate in the evening, advised Reggie the main rolling gate bracket that holds it up was broken and the gate was falling down. Reggie called Anthony Ramirez at home, since he is our local expert welder, and Anthony dropped what he was doing to come in and repair the gate so that our facility could remain secured and safe.” -Reggie Williams

Operations Coin: Matthew Magdaleno (Merced, CA)—“Chris I. and Adrian A. both asked if they could present Matthew with a Recognition Coin due to his willingness to lend a hand when they were very busy. Matthew had his normal route to run in a box truck that morning, but while he was getting ready to leave, a semi-truck full of metal drums arrived at the branch while both Chris and Adrian were trying to finish prepping an outbound load that was due to leave anytime. They had to stop what they were doing and went to offload the trailer of drums since it had to be done immediately. Matthew saw that it was a full trailer and offered to jump in and help without being asked. They very much appreciated it and for that reason asked to present him with a coin, since this is how he is always. It’s his good character that shows, and everyone can see it.” -Henry DeSousa

Operations Coin: Christopher Smith (Merced, CA)—"Reggie presented a coin to Chris S. due to his diligence in looking for near misses this month. We asked everyone to step it up a little and be alert for near misses and Chris S. was the one that stood out.” -Henry DeSousa

Operations Coin: Andrew Pangelina (Merced, CA)

Operations Coin: Willie Ibarra (Merced, CA)—"Allowing us to pull him from the office to help with a large 4-day project that we had to complete for one of our larger customers. He still came in after daily to make sure he was keeping up with crucial parts of his normal day.” -Henry DeSousa 

“We had our Summer Party/Fall Festival for the Merced Branch this month. Instead of having it catered, we decided to get better food choices and cook everything ourselves. By ourselves I meant Willie I. We bought over a half a dozen 20-pound briskets, lots of chicken and various links. Willie took it upon himself to marinate all the meats on his own time and then slow cooked the briskets at home the night before for over 15 hours so we could have some of the most delicious meats anyone has ever had. He looked a little tired the day of the party, but he still enjoyed himself and we all appreciated his hard work and his super smoking skills.” -Henry DeSousa

Operations Coin: Gilberto Ortega Tellez (Merced, CA)—"At our Summer Party/Fall Festival for the branch Gilbert O. showed up early to help with the setup and to start cooking the chicken and the links. He was there hours before most everyone except for Willie and me. His help was truly appreciated, it really turned out to be a great day for everyone.” -Henry DeSousa

Operations Coin: Jaime Medina (Merced, CA)—"We felt that our Summer Party this year was a success because everyone got to hang around each other with all our family and friends. Employees that normally didn’t run into each other much were out there playing games like horseshoes and corn hole. The turnout was great, but when it was time to go, there was a lot to clean up. Jaime and his amazing wife stayed to the very end, washing pots & pans, picking up trash, loading the trucks and trailers, and a whole lot more. Their help was invaluable and for that reason we presented him with a coin for supporting us at our Company Event!” -Henry DeSousa


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