Congratulations to our 2023 2nd Quarter Coin Winners!

Please help us congratulate the following ACTenviro team members who were recognized in the second quarter of 2023!

Our coins are presented for model performance, safety culture, and/or positive representation of ACTenviro—specifically for going above-and-beyond the expectations of our culture.

Operations Coin: John Ratley (Merced, CA)

Alex Bisbikis—”John consistently gives 200% in every aspect of his job, and a great asset to this organization.  John excels in customer service, communication, and is always safety minded. Please help me recognize John for his efforts and always being exceptional! ”

Operations Coin: George Walker (Sacramento, CA)

Jeff Freitas—”George does the onsite work one day a week at Siemens. A few weeks back my client reached out to me to see if he could have George come out two days a week for two weeks due to an inspection. George happily agreed and operations adjusted the schedule to make it happen. During the two weeks George went above and beyond in making sure everything was in compliance there at Siemens. His communication with the client, operations and myself was excellent. On the last day of the inspection while George was out there our client had told George that everything that ACT manages was great no problems. George couldn’t wait to share the good news with everyone here  at the branch. His desire to do a great job and to do it with passion and pride made me to want to give my coin to George. We’re lucky to have him on the Sacramento team.”

Operations Coin: Salvador Torres and Michael Barrios (Escondido, CA)

Operations Coin: Rumaldo Rodriguez (Denver, CO)

A supervisor with Vestas where we provide full time onsite services with a contract from Republic services, recognized our newest employee: “Romaldo consistently demonstrates safe behaviors at work. He uses his horns well, drives at the right speed for his load, and has been seen picking up debris that he is walking by. He is quick to smile and wave or nod to you. Thank you, Romaldo!” -Reed C. Johnson, Supervisor, AME Travel Support / Shells WIN

Operations Coins: Scott Johnson (Sunnyvale, CA)

Operations Coin: Jaime Medina

Operations Coin: Frank Arechiga (Merced, CA)

Operations Coin: Alejandro (Alex) Gonzalez (Merced, CA)

Operations Coin: Kenneth Campbell (Clackamas, OR)
Operations Coin: Dale Dawson (Clackamas, OR)
Operations Coin: Greg Lemma (Clackamas, OR)
Operations Coin: Cody Abbs (Clackamas, OR)
Operations Coin: Andrew Pangelina (Merced, CA)
Operations Coin: Willie Ibarra (Merced, CA)
Operations Coin: Kevin Lewton (Clackamas, OR)
Operations Coin: Kristen Holfert (Kent, WA)
Operations Coin: Andrew Jansma (Clackamas, OR)
Operations Coin: Frank Arechiga (Merced, CA)
Operations Coin: Alejandro (Alex) Gonzalez (Merced, CA)

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