Team ACT

ACT Receives a Murphy Award from the Sunnyvale Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce!

Jeff and Marc Berman

On Saturday night, Director of Marketing Jeff Pickett gratefully accepted ACTenviro’s 2017 Award for Sustainability and Innovation in Hazardous Medical Waste Technology from California State Assembly member Marc Berman.

Jeff Giving Speech

On behalf of all of our 300+ employees, we thank Don Eagleston and the rest of the Chamber for their recognition of all the hard work of many, many people that went into the development of our Microwave Disinfection Unit medical waste-processing program.

Team ACTenviro

(Group photo, left to right: Jeannie Clayton, Adam Brandin, Nicole Martinez, Jeff Pickett, Mariana Sabich, John Smrdeli, Rick Marshall; not pictured: Carlos Alvarado.)