10 Years of Commitment & Dedication!


ACT is ecstatic to announce the 10-year anniversaries of Doug Cameron, Scott Andrews, and Marta Prada. When employees start with the company and are still with you a decade later, it’s a testament to everyone involved, the employees, the company, and the company leadership. Each of these ACT family members have helped make the company shine, provide our renowned customer service, and created business that has helped everyone-customers and company alike-to prosper. Everyone at ACT gives a hearty shout out to Marta, Scott, and Doug & extend our deepest thanks for your years of hard work, commitment, and dedication.

Warmest Regards,

Walter Singer | President
Advanced Chemical Transport


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  1. Brian Trefault

    Congratulations to each of you! We all appreciate everything you do on a daily basis to make ACT the great company that it is!



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