ACT wraps up Holiday Cheer with donations!

This Holiday Season ACT has generously donated over $50,000 to several different charities around the US! Organized by the entire team at ACT this years contributions provide a message of hope & joy to every corner of the disadvantaged from The Toys for Tots program to The Wounded Warriors project to name a few. ACT hopes this year no one will be left homeless, without food, or without any resources for a truly happy holiday season!
Girl in Santa HatOn Christmas morning no one wants to be left alone, hungry and with no where to go or call their own. A yearly donation is part of Advanced Chemical Transports way of giving back to our community that has helped Act become a leader that it is today.

“The opportunity to make these donations of cash to each of our 11 charities is an honor and a privilege,” said Walter H. Singer Founder & President of ACT. “The look on child’s face, or a US Military veterans face when the donations are given is heartwarming and is a big reason we donate every season. Every year we try and make donations to several charities no matter how big or small the amount or the charity.”

These are the charities we have chosen to help this year and we challenge each of you to do the same:

Toys for Tots
Wounded Warriors Project
Make A Wish Foundation
American Red Cross
Breast Cancer Research
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
NHL, Hockey Fights Cancer
University of Southern California
Sacred Heart Parish