Congratulations to Daniel, Jason, and Jim on your 10-year anniversaries!

Recently, three of our employees reached their 10-year milestones! We thank you all for your continued dedication through the years and look forward to continued collaboration and success in the future.
Daniel Mendoza (August 2nd) is celebrating his 10-year anniversary with ACTenviro. “It has been a pleasure to work with Daniel for the past 10 years. He is a hardworking and dedicated employee. He comes to work with a friendly demeanor and treats everyone with respect. Daniel holds an impressive driving record, low incident rate, and is highly committed to our team. When he is asked to work overtime, he is always available; whether Driving Commercial Vehicles or Tech work he does it all. Thank you, Daniel, for your commitment to the ACTenviro team and our customers.” – Carlos Uribe
Jason Vroman (August 27th) “Jason joined ACTenviro 10 years ago as an Onsite Technician and quickly progressed to Technician Services Manager due to his attention to detail and commitment to clients. He now oversees all onsite services/employees for the Los Angeles and San Diego branches. Jason is always there to help employees and clients when needed and his positivity and sense of calm is a great influence on all around him. He is always a pleasure to work with and we look forward to the future. Congratulations Jason!” – Jeff Ruhl
Jim Devlin (September 17th) “Jim is an industry veteran that ACTenviro has been fortunate to have on the team for the last 10+ years. He has worn many hats—Radiation Safety Officer, Project Manager, Technical Manager and still holds a CDL for those rare occasions it’s needed. Laughter can be heard anytime around his office along with the in-depth training sessions he provides to his team or and anyone else interested. His dedication to the team and support of others is truly appreciated. Thank you, Jim!” – Jeff Ruhl
Congratulations to you all and thank you!
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